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  1. Hi folks, I've posted previously about using Makerbot Replicator 2 3d printers with Cura, which involved hacking at the X3GWriter plugin, but was frankly a little hacky, and starts to cause problems when you update etc. With more time on my hands now I've had a closer look and spoken to the author of the X3GWriter plugin. It turns out that the printer definition in Cura passes metadata to the plugins you use, and that his X3GWriter plugin was watching for the "machine_x3g_variant" value. When we modify the standard printer definition for Replicator 1 that comes with Cur
  2. Hmmm this could be that updates have happened since I wrote this stuff. Check out my latest work in a reply above to make it neater to operate these printers in cura
  3. Hi there, Yes in my start gcode there I think there's a line explicitly disabling the heated bed as my non heated bed printers just complain and stop if any commands are given relating to the heated bed. I'll have to have a closer look, but I'm pretty sure that's where it was being disabled. Sorry, I don't have a heated bed R2 to test with though
  4. Hey folks, Apologies, I'd completely forgotten to keep checking in here and missed your replies. Thanks for the kind words, but no need - we should all be sharing our fixes and assisting in improving software where we can. I should say that this was quite a hacky fix, and there's a better way recommended by the author of the X3GWriter plugin rather than ruining the plugin itself. So what I didn't understand was that Cura can pass metadata from printer definitions to assist with conversions like this. Because the definition that I started with (Replicator 1)
  5. Sorry DarthJenius, I should have said look for the plugin because yes it appears there's no search function in there. No problem - I like to help where I can. Especially when it comes to being able to use equipment that has been orphaned by the company that made it. I've gotten a response from the developer of the plugin with some further info on how to force the plugin to use the Replicator 2 profile so will write another post when I've got a chance to do that so that people don't have to hack up the plugin to make it work. In the mean time I'm happy to have been able
  6. Hi folks, I'm new to Cura, but after finally upgrading my OS (I use Ubuntu Linux) I found that Makerware is no longer offered for Linux, which means suddenly I couldn't drive the 3 Replicator 2's that I have. This gave me the push I needed to get into Cura as I'd heard such great things about it. The only problem is, is that it seems not many who use Cura have Replicator 2's, and the built in profile is for a Replicator 1 and needs some tweaking. Furthermore, the X3GWriter seems to want to detect it only as a Replicator 1, which has different numbers of steps per mm so
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