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  1. Hi there, In the company where I work, we're using UM printers at several locations in Europe, (10+) It is a famous German family owned group that deals with very different activities, from fridges to mining excavators, ,landing gears for aircraft industry, combustion engines, electronics, hydraulics components….and many more. At my workplace we operate two UMS5, one with the material station (waiting for firmware…)and have printed more than 15 kgs last month only... I'm part of a workgroup about Additive Manufacturing( all technologies metal and plasti
  2. Hello, Maybe you're right...though I would be surprised to have got a defect one...at least from what I can see the Material Station is in good condition, and seemed to work in terms on loading material and displaying data from coils. But after loading the filament tip ( sharp cut) with its motors. It does not drive the filament through the bowden to the printcores... I gave up, and moved back to 5.2.11... ...If any one has a video of loading a coil and starting print with 5.4.6, please share... HW
  3. Hello, I will wait untill UM releases a firmware that is able to operate Material Station and Air Manager. I've tried 5.4.6: Material Station recognizes Coils position, remaining material without any problem. It "takes " the tip of the filamanents in the first centimeters Then it does not drive the filament out of the Material Station. It's not about feeding the last centimeters to the princore manually using the bracket. Let's wait regards
  4. Hello! According to my local reseller, the Firmaware update that we are all waiting for will NOT be relased before december. Thats...annoying obviously and that was not mentionned at the time of pruchase of the Material Station. Now what to do? -Did someone get the 5.4.6 working? Best regards HW
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