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  1. Hello @Twelve_Gravity, Sorry for the super late response!! I accidentally opened this link so that I share one of my responses to a colleague and noticed you had added a comment! I didn't receive a notification for some reason... So, with regards to your problem: Have you tried one of the later Cura versions to see if your issue is fixed? And if not, have you tried uninstalling the graphics adapter as I mentioned in one of my earlier comments? Thanks.
  2. Hello @upsetShrimp, I have experienced this issue (i.e., the blank Cura window and then the crash) myself, so I might be able to assist you. It seems to relate quite a lot with what the user of this issue was experiencing on his Windows 8 machine: https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/30195-cura44-will-not-start-on-windows-7-or-windows-8-after-download/ Feel free to check my responses there as well, but most probably the problem lies in the OpenGL Drivers of the Intel Graphics card (I assume you have one as well). What solves this issue is to go to Device Manager a
  3. After investigating a bit, it seems that the application stops due to an Unhandled Exception caused by ig7icd64.dll, which is a library linked to the OpenGL Drivers of the Intel Graphics card. Searched a bit online and at the intel website it is mentioned that "That is your video driver spitting up. Updating to the latest driver is generally a good thing." Thus, I would suggest you try that first. If it does not work or if you're already using the latest drivers out there, then what might work is to uninstall the Intel HD Graphics adapter, together with the driver software from the W
  4. Thanks a lot for the detailed response @esteel0123! From the Task Manager images I see that every screenshot is from Windows 8. Is that correct? And also the Crash dumps all seem to be from the same OS version (v6.2.9200, a.k.a. Windows 8), would it be possible to collect some (2 or 3 is enough) from Windows 7 as well? I am almost certain that it will be failing at the same spot and for the same reason as your Windows 8 machine, but for some weird reason you get the splash screen on the latter. Moreover, the fact that Cura is in the "Apps" list in Task Manager means that it h
  5. Hello @esteel0123, Thanks for the configuration files. I could, however, not reproduce the issue you're having on my Windows 10 machine (we're also setting up Win7 and Win8 machines to check the issue more thorougly). In the meantime, it would be great if you could fill in the below template, so that you help us narrow down the possibilities of the bug's initial cause: Identification of the issue: Question: Does the Cura splash screen appear? Is this behavior consistent? Please send us a screenshot of the splash screen - if applicable. Answer: Question:
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