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  1. I need to figure out how to set the nozzle size in Cura. Cura appears to have AA.25 AA.4 and AA.8.
  2. I was talking about 2 separate things. My thread started out bad... 1) How to use the Solex when Cura doesn't seem to want me to. 2) The problems I'm having with the Ultimaker cores that came with the machine.
  3. That still doesn't tell me how to safely print with a hardcore printer, including with different nozzle sizes. We cleaned the stock ones by unscrewing them, hitting them with a blow torch, and then screwing them back in. I don't think we screwed it all the way back in, because material has oozed out up in there, which we have struggled to remove, especially since we can't get it unscrewed again. I think I just need some better wrenches.
  4. The PTFE coupler wears out eventually, and I think printing hotter speeds that up. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/21477-how-to-fix-under-extrusion
  5. Turns out it's not just tough PLA that puts that error up. Also it would seem that I have to override the hardcore to AA.4 (I have the .4 nozzle in the hardcore core) both on the machine and in Cura, and it gives me a scary warning.
  6. We have a Solex HardCore print core that we want to try out. I plug it in and a warning pops up about how generic tough PLA isn't recommended with the hardcore print core. The problem is, I don't know what tough pla is vs. PLA2 vs. PLA+ vs. PLA pro. I can't find direct comparisons. I also don't know why it's not recommended. They all say they have better properties, and print hotter, but I hope it's not the hotter part. I hoped this new core would print ABS without ruining the core like it does with the ultimaker cores, since the Solex one is all metal.
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