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  1. Sorry, for letting you wait. I reset Cura Connect, it is still the same. Acutually, I am not even using Cura Connect. I start my prints from a USB flash drive. I pause the print on the printer, no Cura command or script.
  2. Hey there, If I pause the print after a few layers, the print head moves down into the print and build plate before it moves up. It happens all the time. It happens within the bottom layers. The leveling is manually but well. I think it does not happen within the infill. I use Cura 4.4 and an UM3 with the actual firmware. I figured out that default there is a end g-code in my printer settings: G91 ;Relative movement G0 F15000 X8.0 Z0.5 E-4.5 ;Wiping+material retraction G0 F10000 Z1.5 E4.5 ;Compensation for the retraction G90 ;Disable relative m
  3. Hello, I am also trying to change the filament diameter. Why would you like to change the compatible diameter? Maybe just change the material diameter or try to change the material diameter before the compatible diameter settings. So far I do not understand what the compatible diameter settings in the printer is used for. Is it used for any parameter calculations? or just there for warning reasons if material diameter > compatible diameter? I made several observations so far 1.) Printer Settings, change of the compatible material
  4. I had the issue, that the extrusion of the material (iglidur) did not stop and it was a huge amount of material. The job did not stop as well, in the end i turned of the switch. It happend at a temperature test where I started with a high temperature (245°C), so the material might have been very fluent 😅 .
  5. Thanks a lot! Now that I know what it is called, I find a lot about it 😀
  6. Hello! Starting a print job, the print head moves to the front left corner and the buiding plate moves up. Then, the print core extrudes material outside the wanted contour. I´m now wondering, by what this "Test extrusion" is controlled´´´´? Is it by time? And what is the reason for it? For me, depending on the material, it seems sometimes that to much material is extruded for the small distance.
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