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  1. Update: ONLY the LH core was swapped - not the right. So I guess that is something else I need to try next week! Thanks again
  2. We did try different print cores and that didn't help (I know they swapped the left core - i am waiting for confirmation that they also swapped the right). I will inspect those wires more closely next week. I will go back in next week (I am off work for a few days now) and inspect further to see if I can see if that was being rubbed/damaged by something in the head. I didn't probe them myself, but someone else confirmed no continuity between the metal bottom plate and the nozzle. I will double check this too while I am there. So the print bed moving toward the s
  3. I just got back from the office and read your response. Thanks for that! The two photos show 2 different printers. The one with the "clean" RH tab holding the PCB in place is from the working printer. The other photo shows the sensor board on the printer that keeps throwing the error, and has the RH holding tab showing what I previously described as corrosion (before having the opportunity to see it firsthand this morning). After seeing it this morning - I think it might just be that that "insulating" sleeve is deteriorated (almost looks like it is shredded). I am
  4. Yes fan disconnected at the back, and it still errors out. I just reinstalled the silicone boot and tried with the fan plugged in again - still errors out. Also checked continuity from the board terminals to the connector on the back of the extruder - those look fine. Tugged on the wires at the board, they seem solid. So basically stumped here.
  5. I am heading to the office tomorrow to investigate further. I don't think raising or lowering the bed will help here, since the bed only gets halfway up to the nozzle (from the bottom location) before the error comes up. At least this is how it was described to me - so I will confirm tomorrow. My assumption is that those bent tabs are an interference fit into the holes so there is electrical contact between the steel plate and the plating on the inside of the PCBA holes, and they are then bent over (and outward) to mechanically hold the plate in place. I think the plate needs to
  6. Also, why is there only an insulator placed on that right-hand hole?
  7. I know this is an older thread, but is it possible to elaborate on the way that this sensor works to help with troubleshooting? One of our 6 printers is doing exactly this, and we checked the fan cables and other cables - all look OK. There are no sources of interference nearby either. The capacitive board appears to be electrically connected to the steel bottom plate (the "shield"). Is the steel plate supposed to contact the brass extruder body? Or is there supposed to be a nominal gap there? When the nozzle touches the bed, I am assuming that the brass moves away from the st
  8. We have 6 of the Ultimaker S5 printers installed at work, and one of them has experienced the failure shown in the attached pic. The first time we were able to remove the large blob of material from the extruder and reassembled everything, but it happened again a few days later. We ran a short test print (or two) to confirm it was running correctly after the first reassembly. A similar incident occurred on another one of the machines shortly after we deployed them. That one had a massive blob on the extruder and we ended up getting that extruder replaced under warrant
  9. I may not have been clear in my last post. I actually WAS able to get the problematic printer connected. When the first printer was having issues, I tried a different printer and it connected with no problem. So I then went back to first printer, did the "Reset Digital Factory" option in the Network Menu, and attempted to connect it again, and was then successful. So I do have both of them connected. If we choose to go down this path, I will probably go ahead and do a Digital Factory Reset on the remaining 4 printers before attempting to connect them. I am not in the office today, but ma
  10. Replying to my own comment. I ended up trying another printer (right next to the one that was having issues), and that one connected just fine. I went into network settings and reset the Digital Factory settings, and after that I was able to add that printer to my cloud account as well. So now that I have seen that in action, more questions! 1. What is the typical setup for a large group of people? Should one person add all the printers to their account, and then create a team (or teams) to share those printers with? And these are all treated as individual shared pr
  11. One more question for you Chris... I am in the office and thought I would try connecting one of the machines to the Digital Factory. However, it doesn't seem to do anything when I pick the "Digital Factory" menu item and enter the code I get from the Connect button press. No printers show up in my digital factory. The button on the Digital Factory page shows "Disconnect" after I close the window with the code. I have tried a few times with no luck. Does the firmware NEED to be at the 6.x level for this to work? We are on
  12. Thanks Chris, some of that is helpful, but you prompted a few more questions... 1. Can you tell me what circumstance might be creating a pop-up notification that might prompt a user to group a printer? I would like to recreate this and screen shot it with some instructions for the users on how to proceed in those cases. 2. If the printers are connected via the cloud does this pose any network security risks? I would like to inquire with our IT department about this and see if they have any concerns. Can you provide a link to some documentation that explains how this works (
  13. Hello, I am not sure if this is a topic that would fall under this digital factory topic (since as far as I know, we don't have one created), but I had to ask some questions and this seemed like a good place to start. We have six of the S5 printers deployed around our building, and our INTENT was for them to all be individually accessible via Cura for our engineers. Unfortunately, we have been running into issues where printers are getting (inadvertently) grouped together, and this makes them inaccessible via Cura (a message pops up in Cura saying that the printer can'
  14. Hello, I am not sure if this is a proper place to ask this question, but does the Ultimaker Essentials (Enterprise) allow one to configure things to PREVENT users from grouping printers together? We have six S5 printers deployed around our building, and struggle quite freqently with getting unwanted groups created. See attachment. We probably have 50-ish users that are using them, and I think some of them blindly click prompts when they shouldn't. Since we are mostly working remotely, it is a pain to have to go into the office to confirm removal of a printer from a group (which
  15. Awesome - that helped a LOT. This gives me more incentive to use the Ultimaker materials 😉 So if the value reported with the above technique is: 52339.68949070241 Is that value in mm? (So it would be 52.33 meters)? Do you have an idea of how many meters of material are on a new spool (either PLA or the breakaway)? Just looking for an idea of what a full roll worth would be.
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