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  1. When are we going to get a dedicated Creality CR10v2 profile? There are subtle differences from the CR10/10s profiles. It;s been on the market far long enough to be recognized as a different printer.
  2. Several, actually: when in Layer View (Preview) mode after slicing, show the physical dimensions (height at least) of the current layer displayed as well when moving through the layers cylindrical "support blockers" (also modifiable by "per model settings" as the rectangular ones are now). allow a support blocker modification of "do not print" (with options to enable or disable top/bottom/wall layers for the surrounding printed areas, could just be the children of the base layer settings) a "compare profiles" option (or plugin) that enables you to compare the differences between two profiles at any time, not just after you've sliced a model and go to change to a different profile, and it should include ALL settings, including the experimental and special modes. 4a) when switching profiles, checkboxes next to the changed settings listed that allow you to choose which settings to keep or discard. One more thing: The ability to close the window without quitting the program and entailing the entire startup sequence for the program again.
  3. Yes, "give it a shot." I've found that many times advice given over forums is not always perfectly accurate, so I will (did) "give it a shot" to determine if it is correct. Nothing against you, but I've been online since ARPANET, long before "the internet," and certainly loooong before most people had even HEARD of "online" - online advice is cheap, and often wrong. Sometimes it an incorrect knowledge base of the advisor, sometimes its misunderstanding the question or the requirements. I do know about preview mode and use it virtually every time I slice a model.
  4. Thank you, I'll give it a shot. Printing now. 1 week nooob at 3D printing, learning my brand spankin' new CR10 v2.
  5. How do I get a cross section of an object without a first layer? I want to show the internal structure of the infill. If I merely slice the object in half with the Z-plane, the portion remaining behind always prints the bottom layer as a wall, so you can't see into it. Same thing if I slice it in my CAD program and deliver the .stl to Cura either right side up or cut side down... it always prints a wall. I know there must be a setting to dio this, but I can't figure out which one. My only solution has been to start printing the full object, then stopping the print halfway through before it gets a chance to finish, thus leaving the top open. Not a clean way to do it, and I have to remember to be around when its time to stop the dang thing
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