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  1. I'm printing D&D miniatures and lots tend to be holding a sword/axe/whatever with a sharp edge facing down. I noticed that there was a gap between the top of the tree support and the model (I'd set the distance to 0 so it wasn't an intentional gap). The cause seems to be that the supports are calculated to the theoretical edge of the model but when slicing, the edge which is narrower than the 0.4 nozzle doesn't get sliced so the practical edge of the blade is further away. My workaround was to tell Cura that my outer wall widths are 0.1mm even though I've got a 0.4mm nozzle so now the gap is mostly closed but is there a better solution? Ideally I guess Cura would work out what it was going to print and then use that to calculate the supports directly. Attached image shows that the support is calculated independently of the print
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