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  1. I've solved the problem It cause from software last version of marlin tarantula 2.0x is problem for tevo tarantula . I'm going to bring older version of marlin tarantula 2.0 .Thank you for all your replies. MarlinTarantula-EasyConfig-2.0.x older version.zip
  2. I can mode steppers smoothly I check them and print at 30mm/s but nothing changed the same result again. 😞
  3. A few weeks before it can print in 60 mm/s but what happened I don't know it can't now I tightened belts but again this result but I didn't add oil also I don't understand where I have to oil. Thank for your advice I will try them and I will reply after try them .
  4. Tevo Tarantula And it fail in the model too. I printed a iron man helmet also it has the same problem .
  5. I've changed nozlle and nothing change . When nozzle come to circular area start to vibrate . How can I solve this ? Thank you from now.May It cause from cura.
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