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  1. It's the ender 3 pro, not sure on the material sorry not home atm, generic pla for material settings and built-in dynamic .16mm layer height profile for machine settings nothing has been changed except for combing in infill to help with stringing. Since this post I tested the extrusion and it was under by about 8mm so I've corrected that, with similar results. Someone suggested adding 1mm to the retraction settings that's the next test and will post once that's printed.
  2. I'm getting extra material on the edge of some of my prints but cant seem to find similar pics to troubleshoot. if someone can help with what this is called/ caused from that would be appreciated. the print is https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2975429. It's most noticeable on the overhang tower and one side of the pyramid. Also I'm having random issues with layers no melding with layers beneath them. this happens towards the top of my prints.
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