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  1. The feeder is brand new. And is pulling the filament just fine. The "marks" on the filament are fine, like the docs on this site shows it should be.
  2. A little update: I have try a LOT of things now. All from replacing the teflon coupler, to leveling the bed and so on. I also did the speed/temp test as @nektko suggested. Here I forund that the bed was a little off in the left side, and I did some minor adjustments while printing. THIS did the trick of getting the "pure print quality" (the first 2 pictures) to disappear. Now I only need to get the nozzle "drags" to go a way.. any ideas??
  3. I print PLA at 225c and normally 0.2mm layer height. Is that hot enough? or too hot?
  4. I just changed the teflon coupler (today) but still too thin horizontal areas. The bowden tube is also new. The infill that shining through is NOT part of the design, is there a way to fix this?
  5. Hi, My UM2+ is producing some pure print quality. I'm using CURA (latest version) layer height 0.3 and default settings. It seems that the layers in the bottom part are not "fused" correct. This can also happen later on higher prints. Also on the first layers, when changing positions the nossel "drags" filament, coursing some unwanted results on the bottom layers. Pleas see the images for details. I'm using original Ultimaker filament. The bed is level and a new feeder has just been installed. ANY help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I thought that it was seen from the back side... but left from the front... Thanks!
  7. Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can get a new original feeder for my UM2+ in Europe? It seems that all are "left side" mount... 😞 Thanks!
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