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  1. Only way I know of is by using Ultimaker filament and selecting different colors for different jobs in Cura. However there's most likely some override I'm not aware of.
  2. layer height (mm) * line width (mm) * speed (mm/s) = volumetric flow (mm^3/s)
  3. Does anybody have official ratings for the various print cores max rated volumetric flow? A google search returns nothing sadly and I've been running my AA 0,4 at 10mm^3/s and am unsure whether i can go higher reliably.
  4. I saw a video from 2017 detailing the insertion of the M142 instruction into a G-code file to modify the Ultimaker 3 LED strips to any wanted RGBW colour. This seems to have been disabled since then. The RepRap wiki states that M150 should work for Marlin flavour (which I think the UM3 uses) but it doesn't seem to. I'm using a Cura-generated G-code file as boilerplate and the rest of the instructions are executed, just not the M142/150 instructions. Any ideas?
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