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  1. @robinmdh the air manager goes 100% from the beginning.. Even when the build plate starts to warm up air manager works at 100 % which is wrong.. At least it should start at 0 % and when the build plate is hot to start working at certain percentage... I am slicing the prints with the 4.4 Cura what do you mean by saying its a safety feature?? My question is : Does the machine ( Ultimaker S5 ) has a sensor inside the chamber for the temperature? If not you will have real problem to tune it I think.. Just my thoughts..
  2. @Roli4711 I didn't buy a 6.500 Euros printer to be a scientist and start tuning the speed and the temperatures...I buy Ultimaker for the solution it gives me and I buy their materials to have a piece of mind..Spending 600 on the air manager and spending tons of time to tune is not the way.. if it doesn't work I will send it back.. This machine is a tool for me not a toy.. @zungara I know what you mean I have the same problems as you exactly and totally agree on what you say..I also bought the air manager beginning of November and still cannot use it. @SandervG releasin
  3. @SandervG check also this... Fan starts alone even without the filter... IMG_4657.MOV.zip
  4. @SandervG Please check also this video its a complete description from booting the printer until the problem happens..IMG_4656.MOV.zip I have filmed everything from cabling connections to the settings inside please check
  5. @SandervG Check the video you will understand everything ..Its working at full power without reason.. now its working full power even without printing. I have to manually disconnect because it makes a hell of a noise.. I guess the air manager has some kind of profiles working like low - medium - full - high peak or something.. maybe the profile is stuck IMG_4655.MOV.zip
  6. its totally stuck.. Also when I print it does not calibrate the bed any more.. Need to figure a way to go back to the previous version again...
  7. I just started the first print but when it starts the air manager goes state : peak_performance... I think something is not right... It makes a ton of noise and does let the glass plate warm up quickly
  8. @robinmdh thank you very much I already installed the new firmware and I saw the option of the air manager installed. Does it have any setting in Cura or over the touch screen of the S5 or not?
  9. thank you @Gabriele for the info
  10. I have the same problem..I have bought only the air manager and I still do not use it
  11. when will the air manager work on the s5? I bought a new printer with air manager but it doesn't work
  12. is the air manager working on the s5? I just bought it but I dont see any option where to enable it
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