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  1. @Curven so this is actually some kind of 'stringing' that attaches to the infill lines on travel moves?
  2. So, I've tried a 20x20x20 calibration cube to test the dimensional accuracy of my ASA prints. Seems that the X, Y and Z distance are all quite in tolerance ( respectively 20.08mm/20.13mm/19.92mm) as long as you measure them in the center of the object. If I take the corners into account, everything is off, because it looks like it is overextruding at the corners... Any way to fix this easily in Cura? Print speed, jerk, acceleration, I'm thinking along the lines of that...
  3. Two questions: 1: Is it normal that for almost every material (PLA, ToughPLA, ASA, ABS) the flow rate has to be changed from 100% to 95% in order to achieve decent layers? 2: When printing with FilRight ASA Engineering filament, I tried using the quarter cubic infill. However, during the print, I can see 'blobs' of material showing up along the infill lines. See attached pictures. Am I printing too fast? I have attached the CURA profile that is currently in use for this print. ASAEngineering.curaprofile
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