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  1. Thanks guys for your responses! After the initial shock, I guess I will go ahead and replace the plastic parts. Anything else would keep me worrying that this happens again in the middle of a print. If anyone has a recommendation for manual/youtube video on how to disassemble the head for the UM2, I'd love to have it :) (btw: it's obviously not a UM2+, don't know how I got that confused)
  2. Hello fellow 3D-Printers, we have been using our Ultimaker 2+ for quite some time and sometimes a little experimental. Some time ago one of the axis got loose during a print and a piece of the plastic of the printer head got chipped out. Now the bearing(?) of that axis gets loose frequently no matter how much I try to tighten the screws on the top. (On the one picture you can see the bearing leaving the printer head behind, on the other one you can see the chipped part) Any ideas how to fix this? At the moment I do not dare to print anything 😕 Any suggestions welcome!
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