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  1. so i just installed cura 4.3.0 with all of the standard settings for the cr-10 and when i enable spiralized outer contour i still get a z seam and not a continous z movement here is some g code it made G92 E0 G92 E0 ;LAYER_COUNT:762 ;LAYER:0 M107 G0 F6000 X88.337 Y88.412 Z0.2 ;TYPE:SKIRT G1 F1200 X88.582 Y88.168 E0.0115 G1 X89.389 Y87.39 E0.04878 G1 X89.533 Y87.254 E0.05537 G1 X91.96 Y84.997 E0.1656 G1 X92.094 Y84.875 E0.17163 G1 X92.453 Y84.552 E0.18769 G1 X92.707 Y84.33 E0.19891 G1 X93.575 Y83.596 E0.23672 G1 X93.734 Y83.464 E0.2436 G1 X96.353 Y81.332 E0.35592 G1 X96.481 Y81.229 E0.36138 G1 X96.88 Y80.914 E0.37829 G1 X97.154 Y80.705 E0.38975 G1 X98.053 Y80.04 E0.42694 G1 X98.219 Y79.92 E0.43376 G1 X100.925 Y77.995 E0.54421 G1 X101.087 Y77.881 E0.5508 G1 X101.477 Y77.614 E0.56652
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