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  1. Hello All, got the same problem. The resolution was to powercycle the Material Station / S5 and after that I was able to unload the spool, take it out and take it in again. Besides this, I use original PLA from UM witht he NFC chip. If two spools are to narrow to each other, one is not properly detected. If the spool is kind of exact in the middle position it is OK. Cheers DPX
  2. Hello SandervG, OK, I gues we need to sit together with a good beer and find a solution !? 🙂 Cheers Dennis
  3. Hello SandervG, I appreciate your comments here. The S5 itself (without the Material Station) does not have this behavior. Even by unloading the material, it does not prime / extrude the material. Still, it makes sense for me when you load the material and prime / extrude this, but when you finished the printjob, so a lot of material already went through and you are at a point to unload the material and extrude / prime again. I an analog scenario, if you have a small single engine plane, you need to prime it before starting the engine in order that there is enough fuel in the system, which is OK. But than you fly around and land the plane at the end and go to your parking position. Short before you shutdoen the engine you want to prime it again, no one is doing this. I assume that a whole team discussed the system design of the MS and a lot of descisions have been made. I just want to point out my point of view frome the user side. Cheers Dennis PS: Thanks a lot for your help, it is really true that the item arrived finally !
  4. Hello All, after doing some testing with the new UM Materil Station I found that after a print has been completed the Material Station Primes / Extrudes some Material before unloading. From my view this makes no sense to me except waste of material. I understand the MS does this before printing to prime / extrude the material, but why after the print before unloading? Cheers DPX
  5. Hello, using the UM Material Station, the unit loads and extrudes / primes the material, on each print job and unload the material after that. Can this anyhow been set that the material stays loaded unless a different material / filament is been selected for the next print ? Cheers Dennis
  6. Hallo, ich habe diese Woche meine Material Station bekommen und Sie funktioniert, Cura funktioniert auch mit der Auwahl der Entsprechenden Filaments. 🙂
  7. Hi @SanderVG, I ordered a Material Station only for my S5, no Pro Bundle. I hope this is not the reason why I do not get it but just for your information. Still some thousand Euros already at the reseller bank......but not for long anymore. Cheers
  8. Hello SandervG, I did write you a PM a few days ago and you want to check, but did not come back to me. I mentioned the reseller there, it is not IGO3D. They postpone the delivery all the time, it may be end of 01/2020. You do not need to investigate further, as they treat me like shit I am about to cancel the order. Cheers
  9. Bei mir das gleiche, derzeitiger Liefertermin nach Wareneingang 31.01.2020. Der Verkäufer ist aber sehr unprofessionell und ich werde da nochmal was an die Chefetage schreiben. So bin ich als Kunde selten behandelt worden.
  10. Hi @SandervG, I ordered the UM Material Station at a big German Electronics Reseller End of October and paid the whole unit. The delivery was delayed several time by a week and today I got the notice to be delivered 2nd week of feb. 2020. So if they will stock them, it took them nearly two month from now on that it may be delivered. Still not good. I have less explanation for this. Cheers
  11. Hello, ich habe heute die Info bekommen das der neue Ultimaker Material Station Liefertermin KW 07/2020 sein soll. Ich finde dies glatt eine Unverschämtheit. Ich wurde bis dato noch nie so versetzt. Dies gehört sich absolut nicht ! MFG
  12. Hi @SandervG, in general, Ultimaker is producing items for professional use, so as the audience here is also in that area, we do expect a bit more here. Sorry to say. It is true that some distributors do say the the shipping takes place before 24/12, for sure. You are talking about a bug, if this is a SW bug I would expect from UM to fix this in a short timeframe. As this seems not to be possible I would guess you got a hardware issue, which is serious. At this point it is not bad to say when customers can expect a delivery timeframe rather than saying "...we are working on it...". But I have also a question, as there is only the UMB connection to the Material Station and a SW update needs to be done, can this be done via the S5 somehow ? It looks for me that for future use / bug fixing this needs to be possible. Please let me know. Cheers
  13. Hallo Kollegen, ich suche einen Ultimaker 2go. Wenn jemand einen UM 2 Go zu verkaufen hat, bitte eine Nachricht an mich mit Preisvorstellung. Vielen Dank
  14. Hello, I am looking for an UM 2go. If you have an offer please drop me a short info / price . Best would be seling within germany, but EU is also ok. Thanks very much. Cheers
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