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  1. Do you have examples of parts where it would be necessary? Small or big pieces? Cylindrical, square or oblong geometries, etc...? From what I understand, the main point of a support is to "carry" the higher angles of overhangs during printing, so I don't really see in which cases I would need a horizontal expansion
  2. Thanks for the tip, lowering the horizontal expansion to 0mm actually removes all the vertical unnecessary supports, so I guess we won't need to customize our own support in this case. Although I have to ask: is this recommended? I understand that a higher horizontal expansion makes the support sturdier, but is it necessary on parts that already support themselves?
  3. Hi, My company has recently bought an UM3 and used its dual extrusion abilities extensively, but the auto-generated supports in Cura have been curious to say the least. Here are the parts we have been printing: These were developped on Solidworks and dragged in Cura as .STL files. They are perfectly symmetrical, (as in, I have used the mirror functions on Solidworks, which means that each time I modify the original file, the mirrored piece updates automatically to remain symmetrical) but the supports in Cura are not: Front: Bac
  4. Thanks for the tip, but how do I integrate the custom supports/brims in Cura? Should I make a separate file for the support in Solidworks and merge it with my part in Cura? Making the support in the same STL file does not allow me to use separate materials for the part and the support.
  5. Thank you for your answers. We are using Cura 4.3, which I believe is the latest version. We wanted to use a raft to correct the warping issues we have had with some of our parts, since rafts supposedly give you a better adhesion than a brim. Why are rafts so unusual on Ultimaker as you say? Does the printing quality of the UM3 make their use a bit of an overkill or is there a parameter we are missing? We checked the default raft air gap on Cura and it is indeed higher than zero (although why is that the case? I understand the need for the raft to not be co
  6. Hi Our company has recently aquired an Ultimaker 3, and my colleague and I have been tasked to experiment with it. We are new to 3D printing, so up to this point we have been experimenting with trial and error, tutorials and this forum to solve the various issues we have encountered. However, there are two problems for which we have not yet found a solution or a topic on this forum. The first issue is with our CPE rafts: our parts require supports to be printed, so we have used the dual extrusion features of the Ultimaker 3 to print PVA supports. So far this
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