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  1. Supplied files with printer SD card print perfectly. However the profile wont load into cura. On examination of the file in Notebook the last lines of code are a random character string, as follows.... M84 ;steppers off G90 ;absolute positioning ;CURA_PROFILE_STRING:eNrtWktv20YQvhJGf8QeEzRWSUqKkwg8JKmdi10YtYomvhArciRuQ3KJ3aVl2dB/78zyIUqmW6cxmpd0sMGPMzuzM988DCvlK1BhAmKRmMAdeM6Sp2loEhF9zEFrhF44CozikREyDyHnsxSCqSrB0TIVcZjaA7oKz525wDNiyLUwq2DoOgUokYFBuRnMpYJQ5CRSHZPLm5sUQi1uIBiMnEKJ3IS6AIiDsVs/GsjwDG5KBYHv9aB+0AMO.................... Is there a way to translate into something I can use? As an aside the supplied files print perfectly, my own files created from scratch do not. Would like to start the setting from a known position than proceed on the basis of trial and error. For instance I found the recommended temp setting ( 200 ) did not effect good plate adhesion whereas 210 does. In the meantime will continue looking for other files that print correctly and have profiles that will load.
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