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  1. Yes, this appear to do it (see attached). There's still one line left (M82), but it's fine for my purpose, I guess. As Chjohans mentioned: I totally agree, though I think there might be reason to the madness. Perhaps a small (i) could be added to the Start G-code box?
  2. Turns out that's the 'Heated bed' flag in the screen shot, that does that. Boom - close this.
  3. When I generate my g-code, I can add some custom settings before all of it through the Printers -> Machine Settings -> Start G-Code. This is nice, but I noticed some code is being added before my own - how can this be? Take a look at line 12-14 on the attached image. Apparently the Cura_SteamEngine decided to warm up my bed before I want to do it my self (which will do both the nozzle and the bed at the same time). Can I disable these three lines?
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