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  1. Does anyone know if linear advance would help with this issue?
  2. I uninstalled cura and any and all files related to cura, then reinstalled, and that seemed to have solved my problem
  3. I just tried a gasket with Ultimaker's TPU (BLACK) and it worked. The material doesn't like to bridge all that well, but it printed really nice on the S5. The gasket will be used for a junction box we use at work, which doesn't have to be an awesome seal, just enough for splashing. I can't really test it underwater because the enclosure itself is full of holes. But just from my experience I would say this would be water tight in an application where there is enough clamping force throughout the gasket surface (I light smear of silicone would also seal the deal). The pliability of this stuff is great, it seams tough too, I am sure I will find new uses for this now that I have tried it. Next print I will try "enable ironing" for a smoother top layer. -Jared
  4. Every print I do with my S5, it will go through the bed leveling, then pause. I have to hit resume to start the print. So I cant just start it and walk away. Is there an easy fix for this? This just started with cura 4.4 btw
  5. Same issue here, the wired connection is better, but still disconnects. I need to go into cura and manually set IP address and that only lasts so long...
  6. I had some hair like strands get wrapped around the shaft of the fan and that caused the fan to quit working. I used a fine tip tweezers to pull it out.
  7. I'm with you, I use CPE all the time, it is great stuff. Im just surprised that I buy Ultimaker CPE and the dimensional accuracy of prints is off over .010 in. sometimes more, and this is their filament. I did do a test print with abs with engineering mode and it was much better, but I have a hard time with abs warping with the prints I do, until my air manager shows up... A separate forum for this exact issue would be great. (as a note, I do find that CPE prints better accuracy at .15 layer height with all speeds set to 30)
  8. Well, it looks like this is an old problem when using a brim...
  9. I am using ABS in the engineering profile printing with dual extrusion and I am not getting an initial layer for my supports. I do not know if this is normal. The second layer does lay down a support, and thereafter. Maybe this is intentional? -Jared
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