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  1. Hi, I have the following motor: https://www.oyostepper.com/goods-64-Nema-17-Stepper-Motor-Bipolar-09-deg-46Ncm-651ozin-2A-28V-42x42x48mm-4-Wires.html And the following driver: https://www.oyostepper.com/goods-111-Digital-Stepper-Driver-10-42A-20-50VDC-for-Nema-17-23-24-Stepper-Motor.html I've red a lot about stepper, not sure I understood everything, but it seems that I can power this motor using any voltage I want and the actual voltage limit comes from the driver. The driver works with 8 - 45 volts. What I don't understand is what is the minimum and the optimal power supply needed ? Is a 12v 1A power supply from an old router will power it (without any load) ? Should I buy 24v power supply ? if so, how much current should it support ? I guess there is no need for more than 2.2A as the driver can't cope with higher current. And If that is the case, to get the maximum torque should I look for a 45V power supply ? I'd really appreciate if someone could clarify this things Thanks
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