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  1. My mail is robert_james@net.hr
  2. Give me your email. Ill send you the video.
  3. Hello fellow makers. My name is Robert and i am into inventions. I designed hundreds of inventions but didn't have the tools or knowledge to prototype, to be honest i failed at will too. i guess it's easier to think for me and develop ideas in textual form. When i was a child i always wanted to know what's inside of toys and i was dismantling them to fix them. Wasn't very good at fixing, but destroying part went perfect. If someone here is an inventor and reading this i would like to hear your expirience and the path of prototyping. At the moment i am p
  4. I just need the setting where it stop extruding about half milimeters before end and starts extruding 0.15 milimeters after begining line.
  5. I print on glass bed and i clean it often and use hairspray, my first layer is always smooth as glass. i think the extrusion needs to be set perfectly and also the first thing to check is the distance from glass bed to nozzle. I had an issue, i was printing on the middle always and the middle was to close to the nozzle. You can actually see it. do auto home and than move axis to the middle using commands. you should be able to see a small gap between the nozzle and the glass bed. sometimes bed can be higher in the middle from factory. and also you should heat up your bed good before calibratin
  6. i had the same issue. same fix. now new troubles with cheap printers await.
  7. Hello. I have inserted my cura settings, hope you can see it. I have two issues. My first layer is ok, but infill at 100% has gaps between lines, also those gaps are present at top layers two. I am printing spiral chess figures and they have multiple top surfaces and on both of them i see like 0.07 gaps inbetween infill lines like i need to set distance between lines or some overlap. i have some stringing and oozing blobs at the corners, but in a strange way. somewhere near the seam, near the seam line i have stringing and blobs on 3 outter corners of the 5 spiralpeac
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