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  1. I will do that. Thank you. I do have to ask though, why would these problems only happen with new stuff and not the older stuff? It just seems these problems would affect both.
  2. I started up the printer, pressed the switch and the carriage stopped. It started making a lot of annoying noise so I cancelled the build to stop everything. Now what? Thank you for your quick responses.
  3. I unticked the box for heated build volume and tried to print again. Nothing printed. I am not sure what happened from my last successful print, which still prints by the way since I never deleted the X3G print file, until now. Something obviously has changed. The only thing is that I am now on Ubuntu when my last successful print was while I was on Windows. I have also upgraded Cura since then too. I tried to add back the settings that I have always used in the past with the heated build volume box unticked. Still nothing. I am quite sure that in the past I always had the box ticked for origin at center but it does not print now whether I have it selected or not. I wanted to ask you if it would help to delete all of the config and cache files for Cura on my system and then rerun Cura from scratch? I am using an AppImage. I did upgrade to the latest version that just came out but still I get nothing. I remember having issues with Cura on Windows and a tech person told me to delete all of the cache and config files and try again and that fixed the problem. I have attached the newest gcode for the file to this post in hopes that you will look at it again. I have also attached the recommended settings for my printer that came in the manual when I purchased it. Going by that and the settings available in Cura, maybe you can help make sure I have everything set properly. I am not new at 3D printing but I am new at troubleshooting. I have had this printer for about 4 years and I have not had a problem until now. So I do not have any experience with troubleshooting. I am very grateful for your help and patience. I hope that we can get this sorted out soon. Once again, thank you so much so far. safetyglassesmount2.gcode printer-settings.log
  4. Here is the newest Gcode file for a print I want to do. safetyglassesmount.gcode
  5. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back, I just have not been feeling well. I did have the origin at the center in my machine settings. I unchecked that box so then the center moved down to the bottom left. I sliced and saved my file. The documentation for my printer recommends that I save it as an X3G file which is what I have always done to print the models. Anyways, I also put the default values back for my nozzles so that there were no negatives as suggested by GregValiant. I had the Nozzle Offset X and Y set to -0.011 which is what was in the manual for my printer. I also left the X-Min, Y-Min, X-Max and Y-Max to their default values. I even uninstalled all of the plugins. So when I went to print, I heard sounds like something should be moving but nothing ever moved. The bed stayed lowered and the print head stayed in the upper right corner. Then the LCD screen cleared and went back to the home screen and nothing ever printed.
  6. Yes but I did not notice anything wrong. I know I am overlooking something as I am still learning. What am I looking for that is not right?
  7. I did do "File" "Save". That is the option it gave me to save it as that file type. What file type is it supposed to be?
  8. It is OK. I do not know what to supply unless you guys ask. I do not mind. I went ahead and attached both files to this reply. pimount.3mf ssdmount.3mf
  9. Here are the gcode files. I do not use the gcode files to print from, I use an x3g file since that is what is recommended in the manual. Again, the narwhal is what prints, the other two do not. narwhal3.gcode pimount.gcode ssdmount.gcode
  10. I am using a CTC Formaker 4-in-1 Dual Extruder Printer, it is a Replicator clone that I have had for a few years. It has run fine up until now. I am also using Cura 4.6.2 on Ubuntu 20.4. When I try to print something, I can hear the print head moving, but it is not actually moving. It just stays in the upper right corner. Then the sound stops and nothing ever prints. I checked the cables and they appear to be fine. One thing is that when it moves all the way to the right, it makes contact with a limit switch and the green LED lights up but the noise it is making is a whining sound like it is trying to keep moving further to the right. I decided to try and print the last object that successfully printed for me. It worked perfect. No problems. So apparently there is something not right with the newer files that I am trying to print. I am not sure how to find this out, but I have attached the files to this post. The Narwhal is the one that prints for me. The others do not. I get the above situation. I do not know what is going on or how to fix it. I am hoping that someone will help me. narwhal3.stl pimount.stl ssdmount.stl
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