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  1. Thank you all for your tips. They were all useful. The wiggling part gently and the pressure bit helps. Sorry for such a rookie question. @Job_van_gennip as a matter of fact I did @Smithy thanks! @Enigma_M4 thanks a lot!
  2. Hello there, I recently removed AA 0.4 core on my Print head slot 2 and put in a BB 0.4 core and now it won't come out.... I noticed another post where the Ultimaker Rep mentioned/showed pictures of how to pull it out correctly (vertically with a specific grip) but that didn't work... Should I take it in to a local shop? Does this mean I will need to get a new print head? I purchased this second hand and its frustrating on what I thought would be pretty darn basic. Also, on a side note... it looks like the print heads are not lining up horizontally. Could this be indicating an issue? Thanks, Bryan
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