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  1. Yes I printing with cooling. I will test this option, thanks!!
  2. Yes, thanks for the tips, I saw that with sandpaper and primer I can improve this acamaneto, I was hoping that with some parameter change I could solve the problem but as I said I tested several and I was unsuccessful.
  3. Hello, I would like some help with the printing of a gauntlet. It is being printed in PLA Tough and generating support with the material itself, however in the circular part that is shown in the images it is noticed that the part printed on the support looks bad, with aesthetically unpleasant finish. The following parameters have already been changed in Cura, they are: Printing temperature lowered by 10ºC; The distance Z of the support in relation to the piece is 0.4 mm (maximum allowed by the slicer without impairing the impression) that same value is applied to the Top Distance and Bottom Distance; Print speed tested at 50, 45, 40 and 35 mm/s; 30% support fill; Support Interface activated with thickness equal to 1 mm, Interface Resolution of 0.4 mm, Interface Desnity of 100% and Pattern Zig Zag: None of this had the desired effect, I am printing with only 1 extruder nozzle. What can I try to change to improve this print appearance? printed part on the support (bad appearance): good looking printing support:
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