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  1. Applying the hotfix has solved the issue. Thanks everyone.
  2. I just had time for a quick check, in my case the issue is that dropbear can not start because no host keys are present. I'll try your hotfix tomorrow.
  3. Allwinner A20 is a common ARM SoC. The board mentioned in that post has USB and HDMI, so I don't know why they are using a TTL / RS232 adapter but either way getting a console on such devices is trivial unless the device has been intentionally locked down, as is not the case here. Once on the console, it should be quick to find the cause why ssh is not running or filtered. Should be a one time thing.
  4. Glad to hear you take this so seriously, I am sure i will post more a detailed follow-up come the new year. As noted it's mostly about the forced bed cooldown cycle where the fw forces one to wait for the bed to go below 60°C before it starts the next print cycle (for safety reasons?) which i have taken physical measures to speed up, using the fan from a nearby soldering station, which is a little ludicrous. It would be good if there was a user friendly manual override or a configurable cooldown end temperature. When I have safely and cleanly removed a print I would want to start the next cycle, having to wait instead for the machine to cool down further is quite annoying as it can take several minutes for the bed to cool down even with fanning. Consider that all of this is done with the knowledge that the next thing the machine will do is heat the bed back up. Annoying! Second, the awkward manual nozzle purging procedure after a filament change from a higher to a lower temperature filament could be made easier if the "Move" command did not reset the manually set head temperature. The head temperature could still revert to idle after an inactivity timeout or similiar, as long as the nozzle stays at the manually set temperature during filament operation. We do not have a material station so i can't speak for that. I don't mind the destroyed buildtak, it was lessons learned. You may be glad to hear that the levelling worked perfectly with the third party surfaces (still using a PEI buildtak for PLA which is not taking noticeable damage at those temps), until the 270°C hot nozzle dug into the 120°C surface which I only tried based on user reviews of the buildtak. Now I know. Which is fine! I am questioning the sanity of heating up the nozzles before levelling and then letting them cool down during the levelling process just to heat them back up. It seems to me that thermal expansion of such a small volume of metal can't be the driving factor to have them heat up in the first place. I realize (now) that you don't support the use of aftermarket surfaces, and there are a lot of factors that i was and am still unaware of (e.g. the mentioned EMF with the capacitve sensor etc.) and by no means do i wish to sound overly critical. It just *appeared* to me that there was not much focus on speedy print cycle turnover and flexibility vs. achieving a robust and steady workflow so i wanted to make that voice heard. Either way happy holidays and a great new year to all of you, great product , don't work too hard until january 🙂
  5. Yea, it does show the address. According to nmap -A -p 1-65535 only ports 80 and 8080 are open. I will try the connect reset after the current print job is done.
  6. Hello, as much as i enjoy working with your quite robust machine - two mysterious nozzle clogs aside -, as i am sure you are aware there are always issues that require manual fiddling with FDM printers. Especially with the SSH bug i am experiencing making it impossible to direct control via G-Code, the quite ridig workflow with the machine's menu is testing my patience more often than not. Please please please allow us to: - First and foremost: Make the "Skip cooldown" option actually skip the bed cooldown cycle! If I have removed a failed print from a 110°C bed I would like to start over without waiting for a full cycle. (i started using a 12V fan because it takes ages otherwise....!) - Allow manual extrusion at a set temperature. When "Move" ing material, the temperature is reset to an arbitrary value. This is a requirement to clear nozzles when changing materials! Currently, i am heating the extruder up then quickly switching to "Move" while it cools down. This is unsatisfactory. These two things would be a major improvement. There is plenty more room for increased flexibility, e.g. manual extrude at a specified rate, etc. Also, during levelling the printer shows some questionable behaviour, which already destroyed one my buildtaks: It heats the bed and the extruders to the print configuration value, then starts levelling while the extruders (and bed?) cool down. This made a few holes in the surface of the buildtak, and it somewhat questionable. Heat the bed to adjust for thermal expansion, but not higher than, e.g. 80 °C and either leave the extruders cold or heat them up to no more than 200°C. When the machine destroyed the buildtak, it was configured for Tribofilament at 280°C/120°C. Also please make an attempt to reduce apparently useless waiting sequences during print preparation. Disregarding all of these additional things, if you could make everyday workflow less painful with the two main suggestions given above, that would be highly regarded.
  7. No mysterious change, problem persists. As far as i know the UM uses a Raspberry Pi oder similiar quite open SBC. I will find the time to get a console in January and keep this thread updated with my findings. Meanwhile i would encourage you to do the same, if you don't want to wait. It should be easy enough.
  8. Hey, I was wondering if there are any known issues or any other users are experiencing this issue. First observed with putty on LAN (no filters) and then verified with a direct crossover connection from a linux laptop running dnsmasq. Port 22 is closed (connection refused.) Dev mode is activated, verified on S3 Display, numerous restarts. Tried re-enabling etc. etc. Now I don't want to say that I might not still be overlooking something silly but it seems exceedingly unlikely. Anyone got something? Thanks, sono
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