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  1. You're right I am, because I keep having problems, and lots of bugs keep ruining stuff, custom profiles keep disappearing (not while upgrading),... But you're right I am just pissed off because this problems mean days work went to hell. Today I switched to ideaMaker and it works great even with some quick and dirty settings.
  2. What the hell did you do to Cura? I updated and now it puts out completely shit prints. It printed just fine on 4.2. Same settings. Infill is complete garbage. The walls are all de-laminated....
  3. Did you follow a guide for extrusion calibration, set a new extrusion on Ender 3 and forgot to add the Cura Gcode fix for the extrusion?
  4. Too bad. I think it's a primary feature to have in a slicer program. Weird that it's not in Cura yet.
  5. When you're calibrating it a normal A4 paper should drag on the nozzle a bit when moving it. On my Ender 3 Pro it works great. Be sure to adjust all knobs many times, because when you move one the other side moves. Eventually it will be level. No other config required on software side.
  6. I have an Ender 3 Pro and I have been experiencing trouble with multi color prints. I've tried: Pause at height: (retraction doesn't work in this case, is there a retraction limit? 30 works, but 300 doesn't) Pause Layer: 10 Park Print Head X: 0 Park Print Head Y: 0 Retraction: 300 Retraction: Speed 50 Extrude amount: 50 Extrude Speed 3.3333 Redo Layers: 0 Standby Temp: 0 Filament Change: (if you select layer 11 it will stop at layer 10 to change filament, just WHY? It also pushes filament OUT just before the initial retraction and creates a mess on the print) Layer: 11 (I want to enter 10 because I wanted a change at 10) Initial retraction: 30 Later Retraction Distance: 300 X Position: 0 Y Position: 0 One would think somebody else noticed these problems before me? What am I doing wrong? I can't wrap my head around it. EDIT: I just tested new settings that print great, but I still have to retract the filament out by hand since the retraction doesn't work to 300. Pause at height: Pause Layer: 10 Park Print Head X: 0 Park Print Head Y: 0 Retraction: 30 Retraction: Speed 50 Extrude amount: 100 Extrude Speed 3.3333 Redo Layers: 0 Standby Temp: 0 CE3_supportCUBE_filamentchange.gcode CE3_supportCUBE_pauseatheight.gcode
  7. Hello I am baffled why doesn't Cura support Model Cut to cut up models into smaller parts so they can be printed separately? Will Cura support this in the near future or no? Tired of using the idiotic Meshmixer.
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