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  1. @nallath problem is solved in such a way, that it is a work around which describes @gr5 Therefore that seems to be the best possible solution for me, without loosing profiles or have to login. Is this ok, or would you still need/want more in depth details what was going on ? Which logs and where can i find those, i can provide you if needed
  2. This is a great idea !!!! Perfect, yes this will solve it....its like use those files as a template right ? Thats the way i also will go, man o man ...that i didnt think of that ! Case closed ;-) thanx
  3. Hi, i have Linux 18.04(kubuntu) and AppImage 4.8.0 This is what make me very ..xhjsagdzgezbd(aggravated ) - on a regular basis the software losses the login details and i have to login again, this stinks and is making me very aggravated - now again my profiles are lost ...just gone ?!? Not even the basic profiles show up again ??? Does anyone has an idea or tip where i should look for ? Or what i have done wrong ? Thanx for anything anybody comes up with
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