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  1. Have the same problem. I edit the G-code by myself before every print 😞
  2. Hi all. I tried to print the multi color model by multi extruder printer and found that the prime tower is printed even for inactive extruder. I have a toolchanger with 4 extruders. For my print I used only 3 extruders, the last one was disabled. So, my question is: how to disable printing the prime tower for inactive extruder? Cura 4.10.0 Beta
  3. Sorry, I really don't know what these parameters mean. I took it from one of standard file which present in Cura installation. 😞
  4. Hi. Settings description you can find in pop-up tips in Cura interface. Or you can find it here and here.
  5. Hi. To edit just open your material file in any text editor and add only needed material parameters (another you can delete), like this
  6. Yes. I thought that if I disable combing and set the Retraction minimum travel distance, I can control the retract. But this parameter is not available for me (see screenshots).
  7. Yes, the combing mode is disabled. But no retcracts on the inner walls and infill. This is all settings available for me in this section now. Did you mean that I need enable it and set Max Comb Distance With No Retract low? As I understand this parameter not working without combing.
  8. Hi, all. I have found that Cura makes some travel movements without retract. For example, the movements between inner walls, between infill, etc. If the length of these movements too high, the nozzle is lost some amount of material and then I have not enough material when print begins. I tried to set the minimal distance of travel movements without retract by parameter Retraction minimum travel, but found that this parameter cannot be visible in my settings because has been hidden by active machine (see screenshot). What it means and how to solve it? Would somebody explaine how to set retract minimum travel distance and enable retract everywere but not only on outer wall?
  9. It looks I found the problem. The variants settings work wrong. I have 3 variants of settings and in my definition file I set the printer "has_variants" as true. Also, 3 variants of file configuration in Variants folder. Also, the default variant was set in printer defination. But when I add my printer, all my extruders are empty, without nozzles. And I cant change it. In this case the quality settings are not available. If I set "has_variants" in false, the quality settings are available, but not all (I dont understend why). I have 4 quality settings, but only 3 are avaliable. Why its happend? In bug report for version 4.4.1 shown that this problem was solved. What I made wrong?
  10. I have the same problem. All my quality profiles worked before are not shown in the list. In the list I see that my printer is not supported the quality settings. I made the whole profile by myself and it worked perfectly untill I update the Cura to 4.4.1 version. The same situation like in previous post. Also, I lost one of the Variant settings. I have 3 variant settings - for nozzles 0.2, 0.4 and 0.6 mm. And now only 0.4 and 0.6 mm available, but not 0.2.
  11. Thank you/ I will try to add it in the material configuration file. Yes, it works. Thank you. But maybe you also know how to add this parameter to the material configuration file? I try to make all settigns through this file.
  12. Hi, all. I want to add the parameters of the flow to my material profile. But I cannot find the parameters for the xml.fdm_material profile which can allow it. The reason to do this is that I need different parameters of the material flow for different materials and I want to change it automatically by changing the material. Who knows how to do it - please let me know. Thanks.
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