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  1. Got the same problem. Any solution as of 2021?
  2. Hi my new UM5 has the same problem. It disconnects from wifi. Couldn't you just enable some wifi restart button please?
  3. It would be even better if they had made the cable longer, say 1m
  4. I've been using my UM5 successfully for some time now without spool holder. After latest update it starts complaining : NFC spoolholder error How can I ignore or override this? (The spool holder is really in an inconvenient place (I have little room) and I prefer having the spools on a shelf below the printer and it works, just not detecting the filament though. )
  5. We are a hospital with research, development having special attention to rehabilitation of people living with disabilities.
  6. Honestly I have been struggeling a lot with the RepRap & Olivetti printers. And I just love my new UM5 because I don't fiddle anymore with these issues (knock on wood). I just print and thats the right direction of 3D printing. Rather than moving around I would suggest just a message on the display on what is going on (switching extruder waiting for temperature ) Cheers
  7. Hi, just to throw my two euro-cents into this: I think this thread sums up to that an expanded explanation of how to use union is needed. That rather than fixing the code. Speaking for myself I find it much more useful to know exactly what a software feature does. That allows for abandoining an idea or concentrate on a workaround. Id like to give a hand but don't know how /where. Rune
  8. HtRabbit I had that problem with other printers, not with UM5 so I think it depends on your machine. It has something to do with waiting for temperature to change. You have a standby temperature and an extrusion temperature M109.
  9. Hi, just for curiosity. Does the new version have a solution to this question?:
  10. For anyone interested, I just made an experiment where I covered a sheet of TPU95 with 1 extrusion layer of PLA. Both on top and bottom it results in a nice smooth surface :-). The PLA doesn't stick to TPU so it can just be peeled off.
  11. Thanks @ahoeben. Id like to permanently overrun the settings. Is it possible?
  12. Just to present a milestone using the default engineering setting on the above object: TPU sheet within a Tough PLA frame: Turns out pretty well. The TPU appears to be solid with the frame. On the back it's almost perfectly smooth. The top of the TPU is somewhat ‘fluffy’
  13. Maybe If you are or know dev people a criterion could be something like: following the normal vector to the edges. Id like to give it a go on the experimental side. How can I 'force' the slicer to follow the trajectories that I layed out above?
  14. Thanks bagel-orb. I have used the alternating and its really a good step ahead. I've done some tests if you are interested. The first issue is that the simple overlap creates layers that does not adhere one to another so it becomes like slate stone. Hence I work with the 'stitching' I create the TPU part with holes (the small ones long the border) and the PLA part will overlap the holes. Then the layered slicing gives a solid 'nail' through each hole. It works fairly good for producing a 'trampoline' (left) and a living hinge (right). The hinge tends however to break at the bor
  15. Hi chrisgr99, I just got started using UM5 and TPU. Its a real nice material. I noticed that it makes a lot of fluffy wires and I start to actually think it can be an advantage because maybe its possible to make spongy things. How did you solve the oozing problem ?
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