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  1. Just closing the topic. It now works perfectly. The IT department has set up a DNS Record and a Reverse Proxy so when we put in or credentials we can access the webcam and control the printer. Very nice. It took some time so I would probably be good to have the procedure described in detail somewhere. Made some really nice dual extrusion prints that puts our Olivetti 3D S3 to shame. Cheers Rune
  2. It appears that the IT department has solved the problems. Video and control from cellphone works
  3. So far we have managed to expose the machine but we cant see the video stream. Any ideas?
  4. Any updates on this topic?
  5. So the conclusion is that only by making the 'NAT' connection we can monitor the UM5!? Is there anyway to make a password access to the printer ( which is the worry of our IT admin).? Best Regards Rune
  6. Yes I can connect fine to the printer within the network. I downloaded the Android App for cloud which apparently is not functional yet. On the cloud I can see the print status but not the webcam and I can't stop the printer. Is it a functionality that should be there or is it pending? Thanks for your reply in advance. Rune
  7. Hi there, is there any conclusion to this thread?. We have the UM5 in office. It is connected via LAN to the company LAN. We are behind firewall and use windows. What exactly do I need to ask my IT manager to be able to see and eventually stop the printing process from home, preferably simply via the chrome browser on my cell phone? (The question was originally posted here:https://community.ultimaker.com/messenger/19286/?tab=comments#comment-33879) I have tried the cloud but it appears not to work as expected. Cant see printing process and cant stop printer. When I'm in office it works perfectly through Cura. However these features are mostly relevant if we let the printer work after hours so the printjob can be monitored from home. We have contacted the dealer which bounces the problem to our IT department, which bounces it to us. Any help is greatly appreciated. Best Regards
  8. As of December 2019. Has anyone had luck of monitoring and eventually stopping the UM5 from android, when the UM is behind a firewall? I try to understand if I should use cloud or exposing the printer through the firewall (NAT or VPN). If cloud bandwith is a problem then I suggest that a single picture each 30sec would be ok. Just to check if the print is proceeding alright or if it should be stopped due to a problem. Any help is appreciated. Rune
  9. Hi, there, at our rehabilitation institute (Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi) we have a research project using 3D printing for creating assistive devices. We started building the RepRap which enabled us to do some feasibility studies. Then we hoped the 'Olivetti 3D S2' could be usefull for larger objects. We just bought the Ultimaker S5 which hopefully brings us to the next level. We just published this paper: From patient to maker - Taylor & Francis Online. I'm always looking for collaborations within the field of rehabilitation engineering.
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