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  1. I thought that Cura was for 3D printers period. I guess I need to check your assertion with the publishers. As for your snotty remark about who should do the slicing ... you need to learn some manners.
  2. I am doing an internet buddy a favor. HE has the 3D printer (Anycubic Photon S) but is not that great with PC software so I am helping him out by massaging the source files. Unfortunately, Cura doesn't let me select the Anycubic Photon S in the printers list (it only knows about the Anycubic 4Max, Chiron and i3Mega). I understand why Cura needs to know what printer it is preparing the file(s) for but since it doesn't already have a preset for the Photon S how do I set it up to slice for one? What are the critical parameters I need to give it as a "custom" printer to let it massage a .STL (.OBJ?) into the set of instructions required to produce a 3D object? While I have your attention, which file type is best to slice; the .OBJ or the .STL?
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