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  1. FYI, You don't need to do anything. Just save the gcode file to your desktop or where ever. go to the octoprint screen and upload the file. Simple. No complicated procedures.
  2. I am a bit new to this 3d printing stuff anyway, so please don't troll me for the following question: Why should the printer manufacturer matter for the profiles other than the only variables I can see that should make any difference: 1. Bedsize 2. motion type: a. Cartesian b. Core X-Y c. Delta Example: I have an Ender 3 Pro. A Formbot Raptor is also a Cartesian printer, so other than bed size what would be different in the profiles?
  3. I just installed Cura 4.4, it does not look any different that the old version I had (4.3) Where are the intent profiles and why is the whole menu different than your web page screen shots of the new version?
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