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  1. Thanks for the investigation. I'm sorry I do not understand your example. How/why would a 4mm retraction require an E value of -3.5?
  2. Sure, thanks. Attached is a zip file with both the .3mf and .gcode files. Retraction_Varies.zip
  3. Cura version 4.4 at least... Hi, I am confused: when I specify 4mm retraction in Cura, why aren't all retractions 4mm within the Gcode? Read below for context. I set Cura to have a 4mm retraction value. After slicing, out of curiosity I was browsing one of my Gcode files to verify the retraction values were indeed 4mm. To my surprise all (but one) G1 lines regarding retraction all have less than 4mm, and all vary in values! I would enjoy a technical answer as to why, please. Thanks in advance. This is a search for all retractions in my gcode generated by Cura:
  4. Hi, @nallath. Yes, I was recently using Orthographic view. Thank you for the clarification and help. Now I know! 🙂
  5. I'm not sure if it is a true bug or not, so I was hoping to hear from others and the Cura engineers for confirmation first.
  6. "Zoom toward mouse direction" no longer works after upgrading. I tried toggling the checkbox, but the problem persists. What can I do to troubleshoot, please? Windows 10, upgrading from Cura 4.3 to 4.4
  7. In Windows 10, Cura 4.4, "Zoom toward mouse direction" no longer works after upgrading from Cura 4.3. I rely on this feature for my workflow. So does this mean the feature is no longer supported? What priority will be placed to fix it? Else what can I try to troubleshoot, please?
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