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  1. Hello guys. Great news! After loose the front right screw the problem is solved! Although it's still a bit close to the nozzle but it's totally acceptable. Thank you so much for all the help.
  2. Hello I've try to adjust the bedding level precisely and it still print like this. I try to push the corner with finger and it prints perfectly. So I guess it is the bent bedding or at least leaning bedding problem. I print the square as big as possible to see how big the area this problem would affect and it messed up. I’ve attached the video and pictures. I bought it as send hand. Should I return it? Because as I checked it would cost over 100 to get a new bedding. Thanks
  3. Hello, Thanks for suggestion. I've rotated the glass and the problem occurs at the same corner. Does it mean the problem is with the bed?
  4. Thanks a lot for the help. I'm new to the matchine so corrent me if I'm wrong... As I said I've tried to adjest it with paper as well. The problem is at ther back there is only onw screw in the middle which means when I adjust the screw according to the right back corner, the left back corner would be too close. So I'm wondering if the bed is not horizontal. Thanks again.
  5. Hello guys, I need some help with my bed leveling problem. Please see attached pictures. I've adjusted it for few days but it still print like this: 3 corners seem ok but only one corner(left back corner) seems too close to the head. Because there is only one screw in the middle at the back so when I adjust it, if the left back corner becomes ok then the right back corner would become too far away from the head. I am not sure if the bed or the glass is bent? Another problem is the material wraping, should I apply glue when I print PLA? I set the temperature as 60. Or sh
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