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  1. That's very fair, thank you so much again for your help!
  2. Thank you so much! And wow, this is crazy! Before exporting my STL file from Blender, my normals look fine! Then when I import my STL file again, the normals look all messed up. Guess I'll go ask if that's a Blender bug! Thanks a ton, again. Would you have an explanation as to why a single instance of the object sliced correctly, but two of them didn't? I'm just really curious.
  3. Of course! Here's one example. Other objects in that same batch also have the issue, but for me, it can be replicated with just this one. X-Center_Section__Left_2_5cm.stl
  4. I hate to only be posting when I think I found a bug, but here it is. I put a bunch of parts to print in Cura, and fortunately, I examined the layers before printing it, because on three objects out of eleven, it had filled very important screw holes. Puzzled, I remodelled my objects multiple times in Blender, reloaded them in Cura, to no avail. Earlier, I had printer multiple individual parts to test the fit, and it printed fine. So I tried loading just one model at a time, starting with one which hole had been mistakenly filled. When I spliced it again, suddenly, the hole was there. So I dup
  5. Yes, it works! Thank you so much! I was searching for solutions yesterday, but only found an old thread about it and nothing about overlapping volumes! This is great. Sorry for my ignorance, he he. Thanks again for taking the time.
  6. Certainly, thanks for looking into it! I do get the slider at the bottom, but as the screenshot shows, it only shows the last layer. Box.3mf
  7. Hi! First, I'd like to say that I like Cura so far. It's good software, with a ton of options, and the interface is intuitive. However, there are a few bugs that I'd like to point out. 1. It fills empty spaces in my models. I have tried a few different ones, and spaces that have exterior walls forming holes get filled completely. I tried opening the same models in Splic3r, and it was not an issue. See screenshots for reference. 2. The layers preview only replays the last layer or two, there's not way to make it go all the way to the start. 3. Also, I noticed the interface
  8. Hi! Just wanted to say, this is still an issue for me, with version 4.4.0 on Linux. I double checked my model using Slic3r, and it worked fine. The model is a 12mm wide box with a star shaped hole from the top that doesn't go through completely and leaves 2mm thickness at the bottom.
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