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  1. Par contre je précise que je trouve VRAIMENT dommage que Cura n'intègre pas cette fonctionnalité, tout comme de ne pas voir les rétractations dans l'aperçu, c'est VRAIMENT dommage pcq ce serait le slicer parfait sinon.
  2. si tu dois absolument choisir ta hauteur de couche, tu peux utiliser Ideamaker, c'est super pour ça ! Après la gestion des supports est moins paramétrable que sous Cura ... 😞 j'ai pas encore trouvé de slicer "parfait", mais un slicer qui serait un mix de Cura et de Ideamaker serait parfait !
  3. I'm a little sad to know that, but as we say life still goes on 😞
  4. Hi, unfortunately the parameter "support infill line directions" is not available in "per model settings", only the "line infill direction" is. That's why I'm kinda stuck.
  5. I would like to change the orientation of the supports at two differents place of the same part. For example I'm printing a custom fan carriage, I would like the left place of the part to be print with the value 45 for the parameter "support infill line directions", and the right place of the same part with the value "135" for this same parameter. I hope there is a way to do that on the same part, with some plugin maybe ? There is, isn't it ? I put some screenshots : good supports orientation for left place : (value 45°) good supports orientation for right place : (value 135°) what I would like to get : what I can only obtain : (with value 135°) Thank you !
  6. Hi, I'm having some "gape issue" : there is gapes at the places where the hotend stop printing and travel to print part of the 3d file. I though it was a retraction issue, but I tried many settings and it didn't fix this. I tried some bigger wipe wall/infill distance too, and some differents settings for the seams, but this is still not working well (and I don't have coasting enabled). This is happening every time there is travel move, not only on layer changing. Does someone has some idea how to fix this ? Thanks
  7. Ok, mystery resolved : when cura crashed at the first print, I didn't save the settings, so you were right the 2 gcode weren't the same. Thank you !
  8. Thanks, good idead, I'm gonna try it after checking the carriage didn't have some unexpected problem before printing from printer.
  9. Yesterday I printed some easy file from my computer (of 5 hours print), but cura crashed in the middle of the print (I was doing many things on the pc at this moment), so I decided to export the gcode on the microSD card and then print it directly on the printer. But this time the print quality was really poor and the infill way worse and more dense than it was meant to, see the comparison between it on the photo (on bottom this is the print of the pc). My motherboard is some cheap one of anet, so I think it's the reason of it, don't you think ? Or is there another reason that I didn't think ? Thanks
  10. Good stuff ! Overhangs are such a pain, I hope it will be in the official release soon.
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