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  1. Hello TrollingFlies, I believe you must have a single nozzle dual extruder hotend. Something like the E3D Cyclops.
  2. Hello Cavalo, What are the print settings?
  3. Usually I have problems when I switch from PC and Nylon back to PETG or PLA. I advise you to run some cleaning filament between changes to avoid this.
  4. That's the point! From what I have seen in additive manufacturing trade fairs in comparison to what I have orders to part suppliers, those parts are always worked and printed under special conditions for commercial and marketing purposes. An S5 Pro Bundle will minor most of the issues that you may have with temperatures, humidity and filaments moisture. Also, since it changes the filament automatically you can plan the production for a whole week and just set alarms to remove the parts once they finished. Also remember that you are able to use other filament brands which is helpful in case you face a stock rupture as I did.
  5. I really understand your point because I work in the consumer good industry and know the reality of the injection moulding. Thats why we started the 3D printing office - mainly for prototypes - and know we are thinking about using CF filament for final parts due to the low volume per year. My 2 Ultimaker 3 have more than 2000hrs and didn't replaced the head yet. There are some problems it's true (don't know the S5 model) but if it were me today, I would go for the Ultimaker again. If your F370 has problems you need to wait for the technician and with Ultimaker you can do it for yourself. For example, I don't ask for the re-seller's help because he is not very customer friendly. If you take care and plan your prints with common sense, the difference between two printer will pay up. Regarding the print qualities, if I choose the proper core and settings I can achieve the same results as the F370.
  6. In my opinion I would go for the S5 Pro Bundle. With the cost of one F370 you can buy two or three S5 and save money. Besides of having more flexibility and capacity in production you have a filament system capable of handling third party materials.
  7. I still think that is not interesting for industrial customers. I would like to have the details on post processing like The Virtual Foundry gives to do it on my own. How about the dimensional accuracy of the final part?
  8. How much time took for the post processing including transit time? How about the cost? You think it is suitable for batches of 500 pieces? My interest in this filament is to use for industrial production but in smaller batches where injection and stamping does not fit in the ROI. My feeder on that prusa is a e3D Titan Extruder Original. Even if the gear wears out it is pretty easy to replace it.
  9. Carminati I did not try yet. I have a UM3 only so the CC core is not available. I was planning to start with this kind of a materials on a prusa that I have with all metal hot end but sending the parts back to BASF is not something that I am looking for. I am also seeing the filament from The Virtual Foundry and thinking about doing the post processing in-house (on factory).
  10. Have you tried already? Which core are you using and how you plan to do the post processing?
  11. Have you looked into the Cura API? Maybe with Python and requests library you can pull out the data you are looking for.
  12. Marianne, I have been printing Ultimaker PC with a glass plate and glue or Dimafix. Got no problems at all with bed adhesion. If you try to pull it out while it's hot you may find it difficult. Just let it cooldown for a bit.
  13. Chip, From my experience, PETG is not so abrasive and you can print it normally with a standard hot end. I have used several Kg of PETG and the hot end and the nozzle are both fine.
  14. My solution for the problem can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4003292 Hope it helps!
  15. Hello all, I have faced the same issue several times and lately became more frequent. I always reset the print head by unplug and plug the cable but the issue appeared again. I figured out a solution for this by designing a cable clip to hold the print head cable vertical at the entrance. I will share the thingiverse link when available.
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