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  1. Hi Andrefccastro! For now I am trying to get a solution of how to connect it to the net, because although specifications say that it has WiFi connection it doesn't. Anyway, thank you because I was looking for an API and I wasn't sure if one for cura already existed. Thank you very mucha, I will try this as soon as I can (and of course I will keep you informed :))
  2. Hi! I am a robotics student and in the school in which I am studying we have a 3D printer with the Cura 4.3.0. I've been talking to my teacher in order to develop a new activity that implies getting the data related to the temperature of the extruder in order to integrate it with Azure so we could create a very basic dashboard (so far we have connected a raspberry pi, an engine and some sensors like temperature ones). Is it possible to get this kind of data from the Cura software in order to send them to the raspberry pi? Thank you veeeeery much in advance :)
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