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  1. @Dim3nsioneer thank you for your kind answer! do you have any idea when the new firmware is supposed to be released? to be honest I was not really clear when I said to use a more humid spool. I was refering to use a new spool never been inside the MS. After my last post I switched PVA for use in bay E and F, as you suggested, but whitout cutting off the first 50/80cm of the filament I have experienced again some cracks in the last part of the bowden tube. I hope that as you mentioned the new firmware could address this problem. Unfortunately in this his
  2. Hi all! Does anyone addressed this PVA loading issue? after some months of contiuos printing (where i had to plug off the MS since it was impossible to print using PVA) I had some free time and decided to start again to use it consistently. Figured out it was probably a mistake, since problems showed off again. The good point is that in the last tests, the PVA broke not in the MS but just after the feeder. The issues, after some observation prints, in my opinion, could be the following: The MS dries way too much the material ( since
  3. Hi all! I have noticed that sometimes NFC recognition of the spools in the material station is a bit tough. I mean: if i push the spool on the left of the bay is easier for the sensor to recognize the material spool, but even if the spool is recognized, when you turn off and then back on the printer, sometimes it recognizes wrong some spools and you have to unload and re-load back the material. It would be nice to have an "override" feature (just for ultimaker materials of course), where you can manually set the spool type and color when NFC does not work go
  4. Hi all! few updates on this topic: since the latest firmware realease things have improved a bit, but I had still minor issues during PVA loading. Please consider that my MS setup is the following: A - White PLA B - PVA (the one actually experiencing failures) C - White PLA D - Yellow PLA E - Red PLA F - PVA Extruder 1 AA 0.4 Extruder 2 BB 0.4 Last week I have done again a few print tests using brand-new PVA spools from Ultimaker. the first 6 prints were good without any PVA break. Also switched from an empty spool a
  5. Hi! I'm experiencing tons of problems using the material station with PVA material. Basically the problems I have are 2: PVA Brokes always somewhere in the path form MS to Extruder Flow sensor Error during print The first case obviously is the worst case, since sometimes in order to restore the printer i have to disassemble all tubes and push with ABS [i.e.] filament through the material station and get rid of broken pieces. This appened a few times using third-party filaments, so i decided to switch to Ultimaker filament of course, bu
  6. Hi @gisley, Sorry to reply you just now. Unfortunately no, I am not in the San Diego Area, but honestly I would love too. I am based in Turin, Italy! Anyway thank you very much!
  7. Hi @DrCeeVee! thank you for your reply, I will try the 3 piece print during the week, but surely it will be easier to print them with zero issues. Usually i print the stacked version because i have 8 printers working 24/7 on these visors, and it is a lot easier for me to concentrate the post processings in the morning to optimize the working day. I have to say that printing the stacked version on Prusa hardware is really better ( of course, this design is optimized for their printers) and no stringing at all. Probably this is thanks to their additional cooling fan.
  8. Hello! does someone had issues printing the 12 piecies version? the parts are quite good but when a "layer" of visors is done and the printer moves to the next layer of visors i get some stringing and it seems like the material of the following visor is not sticking to the lower one. Could be a cooling problem? do you have any hints? thanks guys and carry on!
  9. Hi all! Is there any update about the availability of the Pro Bundle firmware? I've bought and set up the whole bundle from about one month today and still I cannot use the features I paid for. Is quite frustrating to keep using polyboxes while having the material station attached to the printer. please realease something soon to use the new upgrades. bye Diego
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