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  1. Hi, So tried today to switch from Print Core 1 to Print Core 2 with original settings, the issue is almost gone, I'll be doing a new test at 210C tomorrow with the hope that the problem will be resolved. Is there something that can be done on the Print Core 1 to improve cooling ? Thanks JR
  2. Hey Guys, Thanks for your help, I’ve tried to turn it 90 degrees and the issue was then spread on the 2 sides of the part. I’m printing with the number one nozzle, I plan to switch to nozzle 2 to see if the problem remain or if get a better results. This might sound strange but I hope that this will not solved the issue ´because if I spent more than 6000€ on a printer that have such a design limitation I’ll be very disapointed... Do you have some experience with the tough PLA ? I found pretty strange to have cooling issue when printing
  3. Hi, Trying to make it more explicit with this new picture attached, the red zone is badly printed whereas the green area is quit good. When printing the material is curling up on this side but printing fine on the other...
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to get some advises/experience from you with the Tough PLA (white) . Printing on a brand new S5, I'm getting always the same problem on each part I'm printing with the tough PLA (see attached pictures). I'm printing in closed room with aspirated air. To resolve the issue, I've made the common verification...Bed Level, Stable support, No play in the axles of the printer, sliced the model on latest Cura 4.4. The issue seems to be less important when I lower the temp, but I'm getting very far from the initial print temp as I'm now
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