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  1. Well.....I see what happened. It seems I must have played with this in 4.7 but decided not to use it and made it "not visible" in the menu. When 4.8 was installed, it used the same profile that was in 4.7. In 4.7 it was no longer visible, but I never de-activated coasting apparently. Hence is 4.8 it was also active but not visible. I made it visible in 4.8 and deactivated it...Rookie mistake..thanks for the help in figuring it out. Bart
  2. @GregValiant Thanks for the quick reply. I just re-checked my settings in 4.8. Coasting is not enabled. Matter of fact I do not have any "experimental" settings on the "print settings" menu.
  3. Cure is my "go to" slicer, however I ran across this strange phenomenon and do not understand what is causing this. My part is manifold, I have checked and verified this via Nettfab. When looking at the layer(s)..there are gaps. (see images) I've included that part stl, screenshots of the part pre and post slicing as well as the cura generated G code. Can anyone tell me what's going on here? Regards, Bart Case Selector Base V4.1 for Bolt (repaired).stl CFFFP_Case Selector Base V4.1 for Bolt (repaired).3mf
  4. Hello, hope someone in the community can give me some insight into my issue. My OS in Win10 64bit. I had been using Cura 4.2.1 with success but it told me an update was available to 4.4 so this was installed. Opened it the first time, no problems and set up / checked my printer configuration did some printing and closed the program. Since that time , anytime I open the program I get a message stating I have "configuration errors", "Something seems to be wrong with the following profiles". Each time I open the program the list appears to be getting longer. I
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