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  1. To all out there in the world of 3D Printing , MERRY CHRISTMAS and/or HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Whatever Your Flavor.... I Believe that I am getting the hang of getting FILES loaded and CONVERTED, As well as CURA of all AGES SLICING FILES... Rough 2-3 weeks, but it feels like I am well on my way... Thx GMY @ NUTZ 'N' BOLTZ, Tx
  2. I am a Self Employed Auto Mechanic/Welder/Fabricator/Novice Machinist I Build/Rebuild-Restore Classics/Resto-Mods/HotRods I haven't taken 1 Class, nor am I Certified at anything I do!!! I learn Hands On, Trial & Error as I Go... So this is definitely an All New Ball Game for me, but as mentioned earlier, I have been Stumbling through all this and have been picking up pieces here and there, learning a lot about what it takes for Both of the Processes, P.C. & 3D PRINTERS... Again, Thx for the Insight and Helpful Suggestions... Thx, GMY @ NUTZ'N'BOLTZ, TX...
  3. Yes Sir, You are absolutely Correct!!! Till lately, I have only used a P.C. to search Craigslist, Offer Up, eBay, and reading Forums as well as Researching Things I want to know more about... Using MITCHELL ON DEMAND & ALLDATA etc etc... Never actually used one for much more than that... Didn't have Computers at all growing up, one & only Computer Class I have ever taken was 7th grade, Original GREEN SCREEN Apple... LOL So far I have Stumbled through unzipping and extracting files into another file(s), Downloaded some free Cults3d STL Files etc etc... I have been going through several or more different issues... Though I am Starting to get the hang of Certain processes, like making sure when Opening a File to Load into Cura, Select G-code as type... Another, The hidden Files that come on the SD Cards, how you have to Extract & Rename them, then Reload to SD Card So the Printer can recognize the File to Print... Another, The Cura 15.04.6, Cura 4.4, Cura4.3, & Cura 4.2 BETA... That were given to me or loaded on SD Cards that came with the machines, I couldn't get any of them to load or slice a file... But the fellas down at TinyMachines Downloaded a TM3D version of Cura 4.2 (non beta)-(Also has My Printer Specs/Firmware) Then Bang, all of my Downloaded files Load with the Simple Double Click just like they should, So I have read so many times... I really appreciate your help with this, You are the only person that has reached out at all, then offered advice and guidance... I would have thought there would be more people out there that have experienced the same issues I have, but now that I have thought about it, I am a bit different than Most... Chances are most people that are Interested in and/or Own a 3d printer already Understand & Know how to use a P.C.... Instead of buying a 3d printer, then learn how to use Both a P.C. & 3D printer at the same time!!! But, in this day and age, it might be a regular occurrence??? Lol
  4. just added a Mamurobot/HIEHA poly build plate to my CR-X more than half the print sticks to surface but slimmer & smaller sections start to warp!!! my guess is that its a Print bed/surface Temperature Issue, but I would like to hear if anyone has any experience with this issue and ask if there is a better Temperature that helps??? I have tried 45-65C but its not helping??? I'd appreciate any feed back from real people, with real answers??? THX, GMY @ NUTZ 'N' BOLTZ, TX.
  5. I am a PC & Windows novice... that's my biggest hurdle to jump, but I am learning a bit at a time... I have a HIEHA SX4-V2 and a CR-X(new V2.2 motherboard on its way) .. the SD that I have that came with the CR-X is also gliched or again I am doing something wrong, I was able at first to load prints to it accidently but successfully drug a print file from 1 of its few files listed as models, the second file I attempted, loaded but crashed my machine... it some how bugged the board,(it completely lost its set Z home and kept crashing into print surface) just now getting it to print again, somewhat correctly, after tricking the machine by adjusting Z micro sw position during a print attempt and something stuck??? its not quite right but its printing again... back to the SD card, now I cannot Delete nor Load a file to the SD card... I was able to load a couple renamed files from that SD to a new out of the package SD card and that's what SD card I have been printing the PRE SLICED-TEST CR-X present box... 1st dual color print... So, as mentioned I have tried some many different things, and I have downloaded many files in ZIP, extract and moved to new files, I tried naming 1 like I had before and that doesn't work... it seems as long as the prints were pre sliced to match my machines, they print... but I can only print so many Astronauts & Pangolins(not even the good one)… as always, any and all help is greatly appreciated!!! Thx, GMY @ NUTZ 'N' BOLTZ
  6. Well, I have copied and extracted the zip files... tried moving the files etc etc etc...
  7. I have downloaded several different 3D files from say, Cults3d and elsewhere, every Attempt to Load to CURA, I get the same Message - Invalid File, or File Invalid... I have been Successful at dragging a file to Launch3d(or something like that, I erased it???), then to Cura and bang I was Printing a Pangolin, but only the 2 piece Print, and the one that prints Completely Disassembled, only... I have not been Successful more than once or twice... Not sure what is up, Tried using 3-4 Versions of Cura, New/Old, Beta... Hit and miss, I get lucky... Alot of Bugs Get lucky Once, but they aren't very successful afterwards!!! Anyhow, I figured I'd give asking the Ethernet for assistance, People have Power when they Communicate... Any help is very appreciated... Thx, GMY @ NUTZ'N'BOLTZ
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