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  1. I spent the first few months trying to get my new S5 WiFi to work without dropping all the time. Finally gave up and cut a hole in the wall and hard wired it to the router, really wanted that WiFi, though! But seeing the boards were full of people with same issue, it seemed UM was not going to get it fixed. Now camera is not working.... and I see the boards are full of the same kind of talk like the WiFi...suppose I'll wind up getting an off the shelf camera and mounting it in the printer with an app to my phone to have reliable camera. I am super happy with how it pri
  2. Thank you Carla, I found that makerpoint does not ship to US, then after that failed I finally found the glass on MatterHackers.
  3. Have been searching for S5 glass was getting frustrated, seems silly the glass for the s5 is not easily avail, not by google search anyway. So happy, makerpoint seems to have everything for the S5, assuming they ship to US. Thank you to the person that suggested makerpoint!!
  4. Ever since I updated to 4.4.1 the profiles started acting up. This is the second time I had to remove and reload cura so I could get the profiles restored, the new profiles they advertise with this version. There is no doubt a software bug.
  5. Ultimaker should be past asking users for log files and mentioning that Ethernet is more stable than wireless. Please find the deficiency and fix it! It is not up for debate, there is an issue with the S5 wireless connection. I have had connection and drop out issues with mine since the day I got it out of the box, not to mention the last firmware update completely knocked it out, had to revert that back just to get the intermittent connection back. The message boards are chock full of everyone else with same. Frustrated was 3 months ago... when I thought
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