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  1. I've tried countless times to get the Ultimaker PVA to stick to the ASA as a support material. It won't stick at all it drags across the part or just builds up around the nozzle. Thinking it may be moisture I dried the PVA a couple of times on the print bed with the printer enclosed to help hold the heat in(and I store it in a zip lock bag with desiccant). It still did the same thing every time. I tried raising the PVA temp a little at a time up to as high as 240c, lowering the temp down to 215c (I started at 220c). slowing it down(30mm/sec). Lowering the standby temp of the PVA nozzle. Lowering the build plate temp down to 60c, 3Dxtech recommends " 90-110°C, cool the bed down by about 10-20°C after the first couple of layers". Any changes I tried I did one at a time. The PVA works well as a support when I use it with PLA. I wrote to 3DXtech and they said their ASA works well with Ultimaker PVA but I may have to raise the temp of the PVA. Do I have to go higher then 240c? I just can't figure it out. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  2. I did get it fixed. I went to the NVidia web sit and downloaded "GeForce Experience". With that I was able to check for updates for the video card. It found one, I installed it and it's working ok. When I checked in Device Manager for updates for the card it said I had the latest update. Which obviously I didn't. So, so far so good. Also the sleep option was missing from the shut down, restart, sleep options. After the driver update it reappeared.
  3. Thanks ahoeben Yes it does have an Nvidia card. GeForce 1070. So that patch should fix it?
  4. Was using Cura all day then all of a sudden I got this error message when I was opening it. "Could not probe OpenGL. This program requires OpenGL 2.0 or higher. Please check your video card drivers." Any Idea what it means?
  5. Hi I recently bought some 3DXTech ASA filament. Very happy with it, it's been printing very well. I wanted to print some parts using PVA. and was wondering if anyone knew if it was compatible to use with Ultimaker PVA
  6. I brought this same issue up back in December last year.
  7. The other night I printed a part over wifi to see how it would go. It was a one hour print and printed fine no problems. So last night I printed a 4 1/2 hour print over wifi and it did it again. The blobs you see in the print is were the print head pauses for about 15 seconds and keeps extruding creating a blob of filament. I'll include the log files so maybe it will help SandervG. If I didn't upload the files right let me know. I guess I'll go back to printing over the USB stick. No problems when I did that. cap_Kens-Ultimaker-3_2020-06-23_20.42.10_X180.0Y155.0_sensor_reset.log cap_Kens-Ultimaker-3_2020-06-23_20.42.16_N1_X162.0Y155.0.log cap_Kens-Ultimaker-3_2020-06-23_20.42.22_N0_X180.0Y155.0.log cap_Kens-Ultimaker-3_2020-06-23_20.42.31_N0_X200.0Y95.0.log cap_Kens-Ultimaker-3_2020-06-23_20.42.37_N0_X40.0Y15.0.log cap_Kens-Ultimaker-3_2020-06-23_20.42.41_N0_X40.0Y175.0.log flow_KensUltimaker3.log flow_Kens-Ultimaker-3.log
  8. I haven't done it in awhile but tonight I'm going to print over WIFI and see how it goes.
  9. Thanks Thegladster. To be honest I’m not sure what I had the layer height set at. It may have been 0.2mm.
  10. The picture below was printed with PETG and was printed at 50 mm/sec on a UM3. but I also have the same problem with PLA. and if I slow the print down. Do the Jerk settings help that? I did try it but I didn't see any difference. Thanks
  11. I've had the same issue with my UM3+. Ultimaker told me that it was a wifi issue causing it. Long story short because this went on for a while with them trying to correct it., ever since I unchecked wifi in the settings on the printer and only print via USB stick I haven't had one problem. It must have something to do with my wifi maybe port forwarding or something.
  12. Gave it a try. The color I used for the drum skin was just for a test. I had to lower the height of the support blocker to .5mm and then assigned the other extruder to it and set what settings I wanted. it came out pretty good for a first try. thanks for your help.
  13. I'm not sure what you mean by helper volume. Could you explain it to me. I searched through all the settings and didn't see anything related. Thanks Dim3nsioneer
  14. Is there a way to have Cura switch extruders during a print for a couple of layers and then switch back to the other extruder(I have a UM3)? I wanted to use it on the drum pictured to print the drum skin a different color then the drum body. I haven't seen how to do it yet. Thanks for your help.
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