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  1. When I print an object that has an overhang I often get lines radiating into other parts of the print. I'm using an Ender 3 with Cura 4.4.0. Please see attached photo. Anyone know what causes this and how to prevent it? Thanks
  2. When I slice the file the base is printed in 2 layers. The lower layer is printed vertically and comes out very smooth. The second layer though is printed diagonally and is very rough. If I make the base thinner it prints the first layer diagonally. Also, If I increase the thickness of the base so that it prints 3 layers, the lower layer is printed vertically and the 2nd and 3rd layers are both printed diagonally.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to look at the file. I've attached the gcode for this project. CE3_Roug Flat Surfaces.gcode
  4. Attached Roug Flat Surfaces.3mf
  5. Setting to "no skin" had no effect.
  6. I'm using Cura 4.2.1 with a Creality 3d printer. I'm somewhat new to 3d printing so I hope someone can help me, I've run across an issue where my gcode is having the the printhead move in a diagonal direction on a large flat area. This diagonal movement is leaving striations along the surface. Is there some way to restrict the printhead to horizontal and verticle movement? Or maybe a way to smooth these areas. I've tried ironing but that doesnt help.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I moved the circles and as you suspected, the gray goes away. I took a look at the discussion about Sketchup. The Solid Inspector does check for reversed faces and will fix them automatically most of the time. My prints have gotten much more reliable with this plugin. I appreciate your comments about the nozzle image. I thought it was some kind of warning/error indicator. I feel much better knowing its not.
  8. I designed an object with Sketchup and ran it through the solids inspector and got no errors. I then exported an STL file which I loaded into Cura. When I slice it and look at the preview most of the object is gray and there is a grayed nozzle at the top of the image. Does the gray object mean I have a hole that the Solid Inspector in Sketchup missed? What does the grayed out nozzle mean? I can't find any reference to this anywhere. I've attached a cap of the object I'm referring to.
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