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  1. Okey. Yes I installed it yesterday. But direkt from the Version bevore 6.1 (skipped 6.1 because of the comments here 😅) I printed 2 things yesterday. Till now no issues. (Yes of course the history is gone but...)
  2. Has exactly the same... Tried it 5 times. After that I used a LAN cable ...till today.
  3. Is it not possible to safe the data bevor doing this? For expampel plug USB Stick or something? Just as inspiration for future things like this..
  4. Hello, in the Release Notes (shown at the printer) there is something with a "script to not lose the printing history etc" How does it work? Where can I find it? Why are things like these lost at an Update?! An update should not delete anythign like this...
  5. Genau so ist es. Sehr Anwendungsabhängig. Persönliche Erfahrung: Bei starren Dingen PC. Bei eher flexiblen Dingen (und niedrigen Temp-Bereichen) Nylon. Aber wie gesagt sehr Anwendungs und auch Druckteil abhängig.
  6. I had this problem bevore. I changed the bowden tube to the PrintCore to a PTFE tube. After this the prints worked. But then I dont used it for 2 monts and had the problems again. The material is brittle... So I its to dry 🤔?
  7. Is someone sucesfull and consistend printing PVA with the Ultimaker S5 Bundle? I got Problems every print I do with this. Now im using Brekaway whenever ist is possible, but sometimes I need PVA. (And of course I bought the Material station etc because of the "good" handling for PVA) Some times the PVA broke, and stook in the material station (see Picture), other times the PVA broke at the extruder and the printer says "extrusion problem". Other time the PVA was stook in the tube to the PrintCore. Are there solutions or experience with this ? Of co
  8. Falls die Temperatur-Beanspruchung nicht groß ist, ist Nylon eigentlich auch eine gute Sache. Kommt wohl aber auch sehr stark auf die Geometrie an. Wenn es reicht fein ist, ist Nylon wahrschein schon wieder zu flexibel. Bei stärkeren Geometrien die nicht brechen sollen funktioniert es aber gut.
  9. Unfortunately true. Especially because it always worked for me before....
  10. Hello, two issues I had today with the new Firmware: (dont know if they are specific to 5.8.2, but I nerver had these problems before) I printed a bigger print over night. With two spools of PLA inside the Material Staion. After the first Spool was empty the printer pulled the spool back (but not complete, just to the Filamaent sensor at the back), then the printer tried to load the next spool. After this obvously cant work the print failed and shows ER 62 ..... The other thing: Klicked at Print core change, click abort, not working. I had to re
  11. I know what you mean. And yes its not possible to develop a software for the need of every user. But the claim should be the goal. But a Password Protection just at the webserver ist not a "half" solution in my opinion. And also nothing special. Its just normal that a webserver have a password. My camera at home have a webserver password. Also if you can go to the camera and kick it from the wall 😄 The printer stands somewhere. Nobody is going to the printer to do something with it or watch it. But watching this thing while sittion at your
  12. Sorry but i totaly disagree... For example: Printer stands in a seperate room (acess just for autorisated persons) But printer is in the local network so that i can monitor it. But so everbody else can watch and change things who have acess to the network. The room have a door with a simple thing named key 😄 So a simple password protection at the webserver would be a solution for me. Like every other Network device I know provide (Cameras, diskstations, Octoprint 😉) I don't understand why proposals like this always are "impossible".
  13. Hi, because of for example today I started a print very quick. Now while the print is printing I wanted to tell the person what it costs. My calculator is based on material, material amount and time. So I wanted to put these information in my excel calculater. But I cant get them again when I forgot to wrote it down while slicing in Cura. So I have to open Cura again, put in the model, take the same parameters, slice, look for the material amount. When the amount would be displayed there I would be much easier for me :)
  14. It also would be very helfull if we could see the ammond of used material in the DigitalFactory for Example
  15. Okey. But please also look ak the Material Consumption bug. I want to know how much of each material was used without exporting and reading an csv... and its just not working....-> shows 15g If I export the CSV and calculate it together i printed about 2000 gramms since my last cura connect reset. But as shown the value on the webserver is not correct.
  16. I dont know If I should laught or cry... But thats exactly what I thought when i was reading the experience .... And of course I think the procedere bevore was not that bad. Th loading and unloading took about 20 sekonds... .I had never trouble with this. The procedere to "fill" the exdruder that extrudes about 2kg of material bevore printing is realy annoying. Espacially when you have to cancle a print and you have to wait till this is done and then you have to wait for the bed is cooled down, just too heat it up again ....😅🤦‍♂️ About 15 Minutes to cancle a pri
  17. Every Update I hope for some of these changes... first the material consumtion is not working. Printed about 10 Rolls... I think it would be a bit more than the shown value 😉 second: The up and down of the Temperature while starting a print. I think with a bit more thinking about this it could be more efficient For exemple 5 Minutes ago I startded a PC print. Lets try to explain what I mean: -> Print starting ->Heat Bed and Extruder starts to heat, Material is loading ->2 Minutes later the extruder starts with t
  18. Jonas98

    5.7.3 Firmware ?

    Yes 👍 Also showing a Picture in Digital factory is very nice for a quick look without being at home or connected via VPN I think it have something to do with the frozen utimaker screen at the first restart after the update. The printer was shown as available but the display was frozen with "ultimaker". The material detection problem is most time when the spool is not at the left "wall". so im going to left adjust the spools every time. But after the printer load the material the spool is where it wants to be :D So the after the next star
  19. Jonas98

    5.7.3 Firmware ?

    Had the same thing. Updated yesterday, first print sucesfull, turned the printer off over night. Tried to start this morning and the printer hangs at the ultimaker screen. After 10 minutes I turned the power off, started again, now it works. i hope this was just one time.
  20. Jonas98

    5.7.3 Firmware ?

    @Ultimaker changed something in the NFC routine of the material station? Because after the update it works worse than before. After power down the printer do not detect 2 of the spools. I have to reload them. Thats an problem because of im starting the printer via remote switch.
  21. Are there plans to see the data (Stream and remaining time) also in the App? (Via Cloud not in the Local network like in the Digital Factory)
  22. Jonas98

    5.7.3 Firmware ?

    Ive done the Update a minute ago. Finally you can turn off the light of the material station 👍
  23. Hi, I priming sequence is a lttle bit better. But if you have to cancle the print and wait for it it is still very long. yes cant complete the auto leveling I fixed this by soldering the cables at the capazitive board and replaced the crimp conctacts at the cables. Till now it is working.....I hope for a long time. I think the leveling is too susceptible
  24. So sehe ich das tatsächlich auch. Als würde man sich ein Auto für 100k kaufen und sagen: "Die hälfte funktoniert nicht aber gegen ein Auto für 5k ists immer noch gut" -> Ziel verfehlt würde ich sagen.
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