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  1. Okay so this issue seems to be resolved at least for the first print. It usually occured for the first print when I switched the printer on. (Probably not?) directly related to this: I replaced the broken printcore and relevelled the bed manually and with the automatic levelling twice. however the first 2-3 layers are way too close to the bed (or rather underneath) which leads to the first layers just scratching the surface. I have a (black) buildtak surface glued to the glass buildplate and did the levelling with the surface on. Do you have any ideas?
  2. Funnily i found that option yesterday in the menu. Switching the printcores has worked fine before, so the lever position should already be set correctly. Nonetheless I did that calibration thing and I will report if it helped!
  3. To start off – I have been a huge fan of our UM3 at our office since it has been working realiably and after getting to know the machine well it has only seldomly let us down. We are running the latest firmware on the UM3 out our office. For the last couple of weeks it has a weird bug, where it uses the wrong printcore. We are usually only printing with the first printcore (the left one) in PLA and seldomly use the second one. In the setup procedure before starting a print it selects the wrong printcore by moving the lever. This leads to the second (right) printcore being low
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