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  1. I guess so. But a feature like "adaptive layers" should be able to be used as a workaround. Stretching or squishing the last few layers should make it possible to hit a certain height, but calculating which heights are important within a model isn't that easy. Maybe nobody thought about that feature or it isn't implemented yet or hard to implement. Thanks anyway
  2. Thanks Changing the slicing tolerance setting did indeed make a change. But it seems to be a bit "tolerant". My only "perfect" setup is layer height 0.1mm and tolerance middle. Even thought my model has heights divisible by 0.1mm when I change tolerance to inclusive it adds one layer in the middle part. Changing it to exclusive fails at the top and middle independent of layer height. I had the hope that adaptive layers might help but it didn't. This means that I can only print z-dimensional accurate parts when I design und print them in known increments, e.g. 0.1mm?
  3. Hey couldnt find anything about this problem. I have a simple part with two heights. The overall print height is correct but the step inside the model is too high by one layer. In the attached image you can see the printed layers. The top most is inside the model the middle one outside. I tried changing the layer height but that doesn't help. Changing any calibration values won't help too, the outside dimensions of my printed part are correct. I don't think I can do anything to fix this myself. Is this a bug?
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