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  1. Tried to remove everything, all folders and made new installation (version 4.4). Same problem... have no materials, cannot add any materials, cannot import materials. Reinstalled version 4.2.1: everything looks fine! So I'll stay with that version for a while. Thanks anyway.. strange problem...
  2. I guess so 🙂 I will try to remove it completely and make a reinstall... Keep you informed, thanks for the advise.
  3. Thx for your response! Problem is that I have no materials in my CURA 4.4 material settings. Only 1 material called "unknown" that I cannot edit. Tried to import several files from the material folder (for example: "generic_pla.xml.fdm_material"), program says Import done, but no results. Can someone export his material settings and give me that file to try? This problem also makes that I cannot select material when I want to create a print file... Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I installed new version of CURA today, removed old version and... deleted my materials database... Anyone can help me out? PLA, ABS... that's all I need 🙂 Don't know the parameters for sure... Thx!
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